Jul 23, 2008

Black (from the pages of my diary)

Black is me, black—my soul!
You may be white and laugh the longest
but I’ll accept black even with tears.
If black’s death, it can be life too!
If it isn’t then do I care a hoot? Hmmm…
The purest black, the deathly black…
Nothing can be as intoxicating as that.
You can be white and dare to leave me in tears but…
Still I’ll have what I’ve started with--- BLACK!
I win; I lose… its black what I’ll end up with.
The new hope—that’s Black!
The nude dance of death--- yeah! That too is Black!!
Dare to kill me O’ white…but….
Will you remain white then?! Hmmm…
Mix any hue within me but
It’s black that you’ll always get.
Black was my love….
Unchanging, unflinching, ageless
Perhaps it didn’t care to change… for change’s sake!
The darkness before eternal nirvana…
Isn’t it something like BLACK?
The method in madness…. What it is called?
…. BLACK?!....
You endure your whiteness, I’ll enjoy my opacity.
Will Black and White ever meet? ---forget it!!
It can’t get worse than BLACK…
So there’s nothing for me to fret!!
Without black what is white’s worth anyways?
Why I’m asking questions?
Don’t I know the answers to them all?!!

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