Jul 19, 2008

From here to eternity

Don't know why I am so blank today... probably it's the momentary pause between nothingness and infinity. As if a new body is taking shape casting aside the older version and just waiting for the kiss of life!!

Too many things happening at too frenetic a pace... some not too good, some too good to be true. Life is a journey through myriad emotions and sometimes a mere lifetime isn't enough to comprehend... how much you want to hold back to life, how much you want to fly.

Out of nowhere Life gives you an offer you just can't refuse... something which coaxes you to be your real self... replete with innocent laughter, small joys and that ethereal feeling that 'someone, somewhere is made for you'.

Life has taught me that there is no greater emotion in this world than to love... pure, old fashioned love... where one wouldn't even blink twice before giving his life and everything in it for the love of his life.

Am I being too emotional? Maybe yes... But I'm writing this from my heart and the heart doesn't play games!!

In life, we all look for signs... as a test and proof of our convictions... when we are at the crossroads there are two roads that will define the path we take in our life... we will never know what was there in the road we didn't take... but I'll try explore the road that I take and make the journey as interesting and worthwhile as the destination itself.

Life is indeed beautiful... and dreams are meant to be fulfilled...
Since we all live in a City of Angels... my guardian angel is watching over me... making small, subtle changes in the environ... and in a surreal moment all by myself... when the whole world ceased to exist... the following lines oozed out of my heart.

Today, tomorrow and forever

Today, tomorrow and forever
I'll be there for you
Together we will make our heart's secret desires come true
Love will help us climb...
the unsurmountable mountains of life
holding hands to make the meaning come true
When Time will gather rust...
we will be together on the spirit's shore
aged but still young
Our souls will fly over the eternal sea
In unison...
to the tune of our hearts' song!!

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Anonymous said...

I think This is Beautiful!

“Every beauty and greatness in this world is created by a single thought or emotion inside a man. Every thing we see today, made by past generations, was, before its appearance, a thought in the mind of a man or in impulse in the heart of a woman.”

Kahlil Gibran — Lebanese American Writer, Poet and Artist