Nov 25, 2008

P.S I Love You

Words mayn’t be able to do justice to what I feel for you baby!!- Fonseca said

I mean I can say I LOVE YOU a thousand times but O good Lord how can I make you aware of that love even once.

Monica- Remember our dream darling? Many years down the line both of us will get old and gray… in the winters of our lives… still walking hand in hand… and the crimson Sun setting against the backdrop of the serene beach, not speaking a word yet having the most fulfilling discussions of our lives. When you are in love the whole universe shows us the signs… 

Yeah I do believe- Fonseca gave her a soft hug and they clutched their hands together… in such a manner that they fitted into the gap of their fingers perfectly. 

Remember our first flight together dear? Up above the sky… a trifle bit nearer to heaven we were… and after talking non-stop for a long time we just gazed at each other… eye to eye, heart to heart, soul to soul… as if time ceased to exist. Your eyes told me something very ethereal although it was incomprehensible to me at that moment.

When I reached home after that journey… in the stillness of the night, in my cozy room… I stared blankly at the darkness, listening to the queer sound that the autumn night brings alongwith it. I went back to those moments of our journey… the slow walk in Juhu beach, the heady feeling of your existence in my life, our dreams together et al. My thoughts stopped at the precise moment when we looked into each other’s eyes and everything else plunged into nothingness. What’s that feeling called, how can I describe the sensation? I couldn’t find an answer but then I thought… ‘Maybe she completes me’. And then I fell into a scrumptious slumber!!

Fonseca saw tears swelling in Monica’s eyes… he took out his kerchief and wiped her tears… and then they bought smiled, knowing in their hearts the true meaning of love… which cannot be fully described but can be felt between hearts!

‘I love you’—Fonseca whispered to Monica.
‘I love you too and you are perfect for me’—Monica’s lips quivered.

They came near to each other and in an instant spell of magic they became one with the universe in embrace.

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