Nov 2, 2007

La vie est belle-- Life is Beautiful

"हुई मुद्दत के घलिब मर गया पर याद आता है,वोह हर एक बात पे कहना के यूं होता टोह क्या होता" -मिर्ज़ा घलिब

This segment tries to bring out the life story of a man through a poet's pen. Through verses (slightly melancholic and brooding!) I've tried to capture the myriad emotions that one comes across in Life. It is an amateurish attempt at best and may sound sappy at times but that's the way it has shaped out over the years. If you can connect with the underlying emotions I think I can escape for many a brickbats!!
Inorder to maintain a good-enuf flow I've quarantined :-) the 'Poetry' section under a different blog. Just click on the hyperlink below to browse. Happy reading
Prisoner of the Mind
Prisoner of the mind is
what life has made out of me.
Every flower that I touched
turned into a damnation, a forlorn curse.
How much do you want me to pretend…
That I am not dead yet?
How much do I have to smile…
To hide the tears?
The mind is causing me all the pain
Showing me motifs that just don’t fade.
Like a charlatan… fighting hidden demons
Like a child…chasing imaginary butterflies.
Existence is blurred
In a mire of emotions.
A steely silence lulls me to sleep
Only to jostle me up the next moment.
Imaginary silhouettes are clouding my senses
Doomed for life… in a living hell.
After all, what else can you say of a man
Who’s but a prisoner of his own mind!

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