May 24, 2008

The KITE Runner

Started reading Khaled Hosseini's much acclaimed novel The Kite Runner since yesterday evening in the Infy bus and today morning as well. The visual treat that the writer provided was amazing... so much so that while sitting in the sunny side of the morning bus with a splitting headache... my mind was wandering in those dusty lanes of Afghanistan, sometimes running alongwith Hassan and Amir as the Kite-runner!!

The part of the world we live in might be different but the ethos and pathos remains the same... we share the same joys, same sorrows, same inner demons, same flights of courage. Kabul might get transformed into Manhattan but the players playing their part and the story binding them together remains the same.

A salute to the stupendous gift called the 'written words'!!

Indeed 'There is a way to be good again!!'

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Greater said...

It truly a great story....