Jul 27, 2008

The Final Homecoming

Lush green scenes of my birthplace
The breeze sweetened by bloomin flowers
The morning crispness...
romancing my heart's innermost corners
Faded memories...refreshed in an instant mix
The old red river of my childhood yore
dried down and sullied
it must be crying... I am sure it is
Big fella the river... now only the quaint memories remain
in dried up silt!
Freshly bloomed flowers... in nature's myriad hues
swaying and dancing through the entire route
welcoming my homecoming as the long-lost son
Softly caressing me into a trance
My journey..tracing the roots from the past
as the distant miles came to a nigh
And there I behold my childhood home
My steps being halted by a sea of emotions
Smiles and tears all rushed past me
My childhood home... waiting still...
finding comfort from the good ol' days!!
Within its faded walls... memories sprang up in flight
Pangs of sadness engulfed me...
knowing very well that...
very soon strangers will paint away my childhood memories
Silent tears brewed within...
and then I turned my back and bid adieu
to my sweet childhood home
for the last last time...

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