Aug 27, 2008

Down memory lane

In the Circle of life… the present soon becomes the past and reality takes the shape of memories… some gets faded over time and some remains… like some stray lines etched forever in stones!! 

I was trying to rekindle the earliest recollection of my childhood… those halcyon days with my parents n brothers… and I could visualize flickering images of my neighborhood childhood school while I was in Upper KG (perhaps)… where my mom used to bring delectable lunch during the lunch breaks.

I also remember going to a magic show where the magician plucked imaginary coins just by pinching our bellies and how I dreamt of becoming a magician one day!! My maternal grandpa used to scare us by telling us stories about the ‘Red Eyed’ monster that was always lurking in the darkness near the olive tree in our backyard.

I still recall how my parents would illuminate our entire lane with more than 200 diyas during Diwali… and how my Dad would maneuver our 1947model Willy’s Jeep in the dark highways… zigzagging through the majestic tea-gardens on our way back after visiting our relatives during the festival time. My memory of those times comprise of a mélange of such charming images… which are permanently engraved in some deepest corner of my heart… and whenever I would look back at my life… taking a break from the din and bustle of the City life… I am sure those memories will always bring a smile to my face… and my heart would always leap up with immense joy!!