Jan 8, 2009

A special journey called life

Another candle added
To the journey called life
Flickering in the winds
Reminding me of the years gone by
Memories of a lifetime—bitter and sweet
Ethereal and sometimes clinging to the heart
Trying to find some meaning
That was lost somewhere in mire
When the journey will end at the road’s bend
When Time will also lose its meaning…
Giving life a shy grin…
I’ll beat a slow retreat
Staying long but just enough
Bringing stray tears to someone perhaps
In some dusty photographs
Life’s unfulfilled promises will be met…
On the shore where spirits unite
It’s Faith that has kept me going on…
Coz one day I know it will triumph!

One birthday pic: Pizza Hut, Forum Mall, 7th January 2009


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, lovely poem!!