Feb 17, 2012

Soap-makers of the world, unite!

Recently I have written a blog on SKU Optimization which I would like to share.

Henry Ford once famously quipped about the Model T car in 1909- Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black. As I hurriedly move around the aisle of the local Kroger Grocery store looking for a particular brand of I-forgot-what; I couldn't help but think that this was perhaps the best instance of SKU optimization ever done!

But this is 2011, and things have become a tad more complex ever since. CPG companies are looking to hold on to their market share- at the added cost of increasing their SKU portfolio; retailers are looking to streamline their aisles, lessening clutter and increasing their efficiency; and above all- customers are looking for simplicity in the choices they have once they enter the retail stores rather than the overwhelming assortment of confetti colored, similar looking products that craves for attention across the aisles.
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