Mar 23, 2012 deals

Just enrolled for an Amazon Prime membership which gives the following benefits-

1. Free Two-day Shipping
2. Instant Streaming of movies/TV shows
3. Instant access to '000s of Kindle Books

While still under the no-obligation period I tested it out by ordering some car accessories for my Honda Accord. The package arrived in 1 day flat! Can there be anything closer to that? Awesome is the word!! :)

Being regular shoppers in Amazon, I try to look at various coupon sites to get the best deals. Some of the websites that I trust are-
These sites aggregate all the deals the net has to offer and frankly speaking it saves me time, money and gives me the information that I need without any gimmicks.
With revenues topping $48 billion in 2011, and constant innovation to stay top of the competition curve it seems  Amazon will continue to remain as World's Biggest Online Marketplace!

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