Jan 30, 2008

The Devil wears Prada but God wears Gucci!!

"Do you wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing."—this iconic line by a teenager named Brooke Shield catapulted her into instant fame and the rest as they say is history.

A few days back I was browsing through the perfume section of The Landmark store in Bangalore which was choc-a-bloc with high profile brands like Hugo Boss, Davidoff, and Chanel. Although it seems strange now but a few years back the typical well-heeled Indian had to wait to travel abroad to buy their favorite designer wears, perfumes and accessories or ask their NRI friends to grab the stuffs from Duty-Free stores in the airports. With the opening up of the Indian economy and a higher disposable income Indians are welcoming the most sought after brands and labels with great fervor. With greater FDIs in retail we might many other brands coming to cash in on the great Indian retail story which is expected to see boom time in the coming years. Retail space is a great concern in the Indian metros and many of the brands prefers high streets for their outlets or in the 5-star hotels, and it will take some time to iron out some of these pain points.

I saw a Reebok T-shirt proclaiming that there are two people in one and my materialistic side is eyeing a nice haute couture Hugo Boss suit, Davidoff CoolWater Perfume, Shoes by Clarks, and a sleek watch by Omega :-) Down with increasing consumerism and materialism... but atleast let me try for once...

I browsed the web and made a list of all the luxury brands that have opened shops in India, although they are still limited to the metros.

Tommy Hilfiger
• India Operation: Tommy Hilfiger has-
– 9 free standing stores across 7 cities
– Licensed products are available in over 300 selected retail stores across the country.

• Line of Business— women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, fine jewelry, furniture, and more.
• Gucci operates 425 stores worldwide and it wholesales its products through franchisees and upscale department stores
• Revenues of €8.7 billion
• India Operation: One store in The Galleria, Mumbai
• Gucci is the second biggest selling fashion brand after LVMH .
• AC Nielsen has rated GUCCI as India's most desirable brand.

Bottega Veneta
• Line of Business— men's and women's ready-to-wear clothing, small leather goods, and exclusive home items
• Revenues of €267 million in 2007
• The company merged with Gucci Group in July 2001.
• India Operation:
– One store in The Galleria, Mumbai

• Line of Business— women's and men's fashion, accessories, perfumes
• It has 4 stores and 31 in-store boutique operations around the world
• Revenues of $284 million (2001)
• India Operation: 2 stores
– New Delhi, a 140 sq.m boutique at One Style Mile
– Mumbai at the Taj Mahal Palace & Towers.

• Line of Business— women's clothing, sunglasses, men's clothing, women's & men's shoes, handbags, timepieces, underwear, beachwear, eyewear, kid’s line.
• It has 200 stores around the world
• Revenues of €700 million in 2007 (doesn’t report its earnings )
• India Operation:
– 2 stores in Mumbai and New Delhi are in the pipeline

Marks and Spencers
• Line of Business— largest clothing retailer in the country, as well as being a multi-billion pound food retailer
• Revenues of £7.798billion of –worldwide
• 760 stores world wide in 30 countries
Indian Operation: M&S has 12 stores in India across-
• Bangalore
• Chennai
• Gurgaon
• Hyderabad
• Lucknow
• Mumbai (3)
• New Delhi (2)
• Pune
• Kolkata

• Line of Business— luxury leather goods, fragrances and clothing,
• Revenues of €1.1 billion (2002)worldwide
• Mango has 850 stores in 81 countries around the world
• Indian Operation: Mango has 4 stores in-
– Bangalore
– Mumbai (2)
– Gurgaon
– New Delhi (Opening shortly in Select City Walk)

• Line of Business— Western formals to casuals for men and women and Accessories
• Revenues of £265.7 million in 2005
• FCUK operates in over 25 nations with 1500+ outlets
• India Operation: 5 outlets in India (as of Oct, 2007)
– Mumbai (3
– Delhi
– Pune

Calvin Klein
• Line of Business— jeans, coats, underwear, fragrances and home decor to watches
• 760 stores world wide in 30 countries
• Revenues of £7.798 billion worldwide
• Indian Operation: Calvin Klein hopes to have
– at least 20 to 25 points of sale in the 1st year in-
• Mumbai
• Delhi
• Chennai
• Bangalore
• Hyderabad
• Kolkata

• Line of Business- high-end apparel, accessories, perfumes
• Hugo Boss brands are available 103 countries and more than 5,002 retail stores.
• The brands are Boss, Hugo, and Baldessarini.
• Revenues of € 1.270 billion (2006)
• India operation: Hugo Boss has 4 stores in India
– Delhi (2)
• [Recorded sales worth Rs 10 crore in 2005]
– Mumbai
• [Recorded sales worth Rs 7 crore in 2005]
– Bangalore [The Leela Palace]
– In the pipeline are stores in Chennai and Hyderabad

• Line of Business- accessories, apparel, cosmetics, fragrances, home interiors, jewelry, eyewear and watches
• Armani sells under the various labels including-
– Giorgio Armani
– Armani Collezioni
– Emporio Armani
– Armani Jeans
– Armani Junior
– Armani Exchange AX
– Armani Casa
• Armani has nearly 300 stores in 36 countries around the world
• Revenues of $1.69 billion (2005)
• Indian Operation: Armani has 4 stores in India in-
– Mumbai
– New Delhi

• Line of Business— cosmetics and accessories and prêt-a-porter (ready-to-wear)
• Revenues of €15.3 billion worldwide
• 1,800 stores across the world
• India Operation: Coco Chanel has-
– 1 outlet at Imperial Hotel in New Delhi
– The Chanel store in Imperial Hotel in New Delhi has the brand's range of cosmetics and accessories, and the prêt line.

• Line of Business— manufacturer of apparel, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and house- wares.
• Revenues of $5 billion worldwide
• 640 directly-managed retail outlets and 12000+ wholesale outlets in 44 countries.
• India Operation: Esprit has 28 outlets in India
• 16 exclusive stores
• 12 shop-in-shops
• Bangalore
• Delhi
• Mumbai
• Chennai
• Chandigarh
• Pune
• Ahmedabad
• Ludhiana
• Jalandhar
• Gurgaon
• Noida

• Line of Business— high-end clothing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, eyewear, tennis shirts.
• Revenues of €1.5 billion in 2007
• 640 directly-managed retail outlets and 12000+ wholesale outlets in 44 countries.
• India Operation:
– 3 flagship stores in-
• Bangalore
• New Delhi
• Chennai
• 5-7 such stores are scheduled to be operational by 2010.
– 30 small stores at present
• In the pipeline, 50 more small stores by 2010

• Line of Business— Apparel clothing, Accessories, Watches
• Revenues of € 288 million (2006)
• Franchised brands in India include-
• Corneliani
• Versace Collections
• Gianni Versace
• Versace Jeans Couture.
• India Operation:
– 1 store in JW Mariott, Mumbai (being closed down to lack of sales)
– 1st store in Delhi coming up in March 2008
– Expansion to a 5-store network
• Projected turnover of around Rs 25 crore for financial year 2008 and Rs 40 crore for 2009 in India

• Line of Business— women's and men's casual and dress casual shoes, outdoor boots
• Revenues of £830 million in 2000
• Clarks is the #1 non-sports shoe brand in the world
• India Operation: Clarks has stores in-
– Ahmedabad
– Mumbai
– Bangalore
– Expansion plans: 1 new store every month
• C&J Clarks has tied up with lifestyle retail company Lifestyle Asia in India
• Clarks will currently offer only ladies and men's shoes in India

• Line of Business— Clothing, cosmetics, house wares
• Revenues of £2,090 million GBP (2005)
• Debenhams the leading department store group in the Middle East Master and #2 in UK.
• Franchisee for Debenhams in India: Planet Retail Holdings.
• India Operation: Debenhams has-
– 1 store in Gurgaon
– 2 stores in New Delhi
– In the pipeline, 15 more stores in the next 3-5 years in
• Mumbai
• Bangalore
• Kolkata
• Chennai
• Hyderabad
• Ludhiana

• Line of Business— clothing and other apparel, bags, leather goods, accessories
• Revenues of $1.61 billion in 2006
• Available in 130 stores worldwide
• India Operation: Burberry has an outlet in-
– Mumbai, The Taj Palace

• Line of Business— manufacturer and retailer of men's, women's and children's ready-to-wear clothing, accessories and jewelry , perfume.
• Revenues of $500 million in 1998 (latest figures not available)
• Trussardi has-
– 100 boutiques around the world
– 7 stores selling clothes and accessories designed for young urban customers
• India Operation: Trussardi has an outlet in-
– Bangalore, The Leela Palace

Line of Business— manufactures and retail of tailored garments and accessories for men and women
• Revenues of £500 million in 2007
• DAKS has-
– 2,000 specialty shops, major stores and concessions in 30 countries
• India Operation: DAKS has a store in-
– 1 store in Bangalore, The Leela Palace
– 3 stores in Mumbai
– In the pipeline, 25 outlets across India
• DAKS is brought into India by the Forbes Gokak group

• Line of Business— Jeanswear, casual wear, footwear, beachwear and accessories
• Revenues of €150 million worldwide
• India Operation: Grotto SpA’s GAS has—
– 5 flagship stores in-
• New Delhi (2)
• Mumbai (3)
– Departmental Stores in-
• Mumbai
• Bangalore
• Hyderabad
• Kolkata
• Pune
– Premium Multi-brand Outlets (MBOs)
• Ahmedabad
• Bangalore
• Pondicherry
– In the pipeline, 4 more stores and 14 franchisee stores by 2008
• Raymond Ltd launched GAS with a 50:0 JV with the Italian company Grotto SpA
• By 2010, GAS aims to have 600 retail points-
– including flagship stores, exclusive franchise stores, large format stores, MBOs

• Line of Business— manufacturer and retailer of men's, women's and children's ready-to-wear clothing, accessories and jewelry, perfume.
• Revenues of €1.05 billion in 2006
• Dolce&Gabbana has-
– 90 directly-operated stores worldwide.
• Tie-up with real estate developer DLF Group in India
• India Operation: Dolce&Gabbana plans to open 2 stores in-
– Emporio Mall, New Delhi

Jimmy Choo
• Line of Business— Luxury Shoes, Accessories
• Revenues of $1.69 billion (2005)
• Jimmy Choo has 60 stores worldwide
• India Operation: In India, Jimmy Choo has-
– 1 store in The Galleria, Mumbai

• Line of Business— suitcases and bags for travel
• Tumi has 56 stores around the world and are also sold in Departmental stores
• India Operation:
– Tumi has a store in The Galleria, Mumbai
• The Murjani Group plans to open 10 freestanding Tumi stores in India by 2010, with the first store opening planned for in Delhi or Mumbai
• Line of Business— luxury leather goods, fragrances and clothing
• Alfred Dunhill is part of the Richemont luxury group,
• Revenues of $1.69 billion (2005)
• 158 stores worldwide
• English luxury menswear brand Dunhill will make its debut in India through a deal with local fashion company Brand House Retail.
• Dunhill expects India to account for 10-20% of its global revenues.
• Indian Operation:
– 1 store in New Delhi, Shangri-La Hotel
– 4 stores will open in the next two years
– A total of 8-10 stores are planned in the next five years in major cities like Bombay and Bangalore.

• Line of Business— handbags, apparels, footwear, eyewear and watches
• Part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) Group
• Revenues: LVMH does not break out Fendi's sales and earnings
– 1.89 million Euros in the first half of 2003 (estimate)
• India Operation: Fendi has-
– One outlet at The Taj in Mumbai
– In the pipeline, 6 stores in the next 5 years

• Line of Business— luxury leather goods, fashion accessories, prêt-a-porter and jewelry
• Revenues of €15.3 billion worldwide
• 1,800 stores across the world.
• India Operation: Louis Vuitton has-
– 2 outlets in Mumbai and New Delhi
– In the pipeline: Upcoming retail project, UB City -The Collection in Bangalore ]

Christian Dior
• Line of Business— shoes, leather bags, costume jewelry and dresses
• Revenues of $20,094.5 million in 2007
• 1,800 stores across the world
• 760 stores world wide in 30 countries
• India Operation: Christian Dior has-
– 1 outlet in New Delhi at The Oberoi Hotel

• Line of Business- the brand includes clothing and accessories for men, women and children, as well as home collections.
• Guess? has-
– 184 retail stores in the US
– 213 international franchises around the world
– 1,135 shop-within-shops around the world
• Revenues of $936.06 million (2005)
• India Operation: Guess has 16 stores in India across the various cities mentioned below:
– Bangalore-2
– Mumbai-3
– Lucknow
– Ahmedabad
– Gurgaon
– New Delhi-2
– Hyderabad
– Chennai
– Pune
– Ludhiana
– Noida
– Kolkata

• Line of Business— high-end leather, clothing and accessories
• Revenues of $77.8M in 2006
• Available in 151 stores in 40 countries
• Sports Station India Pvt Ltd is the exclusive distributor for Aigner in India
• India Operation: Etienne Aigner AG has stores in-
– New Delhi
– Mumbai
– In the pipeline, new stores in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore
BVLGARI (Bulgari)
• Line of Business— Italian jeweler and luxury goods retailer(watches, handbags, fragrances)
• Revenues of €1010.4 million in 2006
• Available in 150 stores worldwide
• India Operation: Bvlgari has stores in-
– New Delhi
– In the pipeline, new stores in Mumbai and New Delhi

Ed Hardy & Christian Audigier
• Line of Business—
– The Ed Hardy line caters to men's, women's & kids wear and stocks drinking flasks, Sunglasses, Key Chains, Watches, Air Fresheners, Energy drink, Shoes, Bags and Accessories.
– Christian Audigier sells the entire line of Bags, Hoodies, Accessories, Belts, T-shirts, Shoes and Lowers embellished with gold prints and sequined stone detailing
• 760 stores world wide in 30 countries
• Revenues of £7.798billion of –worldwide
• Ed Hardy & Christian Audigier has 2 stores in India in-
– Mumbai
– New Delhi

Other notable foreign brands in India
• Mother Care
• Royal Sporting House
• Austin Reed
• Levis
• Pepe
• Lee
• Nike
• Reebok
• Adidas
• Arrow
• Wrangler
• La Perla


mukund said...

hello Jagat jytoi
sorry if i am making a mistake in pronouncing ur name
U seem to have a great knwoledge on retail outlets n fashion brands
even i am a big time brand lover
But u see in mumbai, we dont have CK flagship store
Well That actually doesnt resent or prevenst me from buying stuff from CK
but i have heard of CK flagship store in New delhi
I dont know whether its existing or not, coz In google i didnt get any search results whatsoever
plus i wldnt like to go sandbagging all the way to new delhi just in search of this CK flagship store, coz i am not sure whether its there, neither do i have any relatives in New Delhi. So in all i just cant go there unless i have a full knowledge
Plus cosmetics like the parfumes, The shower gels are all available in the flagship stores
Also i cant have a better variety in eyewear in CK in mumbai, As the Optic lobaratories dont have more than 2 designs of glasses in CK
so does no other garment store in Mumbai has any vest coat of CK
Thats why i would just like to have one favour from U
can u pls gimme a confirmed news on a flagship store of CK in New delhi n its address n contact numbers???
Can u just do that pls???
N about the GUCCI revenues u mentioned n its ranking as the second highest selling fashion brand all over the world,There has been a correction
Check voguetimes, the magazine
Worlds number one in revenues and selling is LVMH, no.2 is NOW cCALVIN KLEIN n i suppose GUCCI has slipped to number 4, due to its recent price hike in its prices.
I had a bought a Jeans from GUCCI a year back which costed arnd 10k INR, but 2day the most basic design in GUCCI starts from 16k.
But i dont think it would affect much
anyway loved reading ur blog
Totally rejoiced coming across such a big fashion freak like U
Plus brands like Giordano, Bossini, Van Heusen(in formals), Boy London, Pierre Cardin and stephens brothers too are doing good in india Buddy
But i never came across any DKNY store in India???
Is there no DKNY store in India???
anyway Hope u do help me in getting me the required information of CK buddy
Just wanna have the information of its flagship store
Also is there no DKNY store in India?
Thnx anyways

mukund said...

hey n sorry for many spelling mistakes n gramatical mistakes in my previous comment
They were purely unintentional!!!

Jagat Jyoti Saikia said...

@ Mukund.. here's the reply to your query.

G-69 Ambience Mall, Ambience Island, NH-8,
Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002
PHONE- 0124 3210525

mukund said...

hey thnx jagat
N what abt the DKNY outlets???
Do we have any in india???
N This CK store ur talking abt is the flagship store...right???

vinodkumar said...

I came accross ur blog spot while googling for clark stores in delhi.

Do u have any idea about Clarks men's casual shoe store or a flagship store in Delhi?


rahul said...

greetin's Sir,
no doubts, you have done a gud job.sir, i am Rahul Sharma, a bach. in business adinistration from u.c.b.s shimla and these days pursuin' a post graduate program in Retail Management from INDIAN RETAIL SCHOOL.Sir, i whould be highly obliged if you could counsel me How to make a career in Luxury Retailing.

thankin' you,
Rahul Sharma

harsha said...

could u plzz say details abt hugo boss showroom in chennai.......any outlets in and around chennai!!plzz do reply

thanking u!!

Anonymous said...

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