Mar 3, 2008


Staring at some broken lines...
Blankly, in a doped state of fixation
I was like a wrecked dream, like an abject non-entity
The lines mocking me...
At my efforts to understand myself
I guess that’s the toughest part
Understanding something that doesn’t make any sense
Chasing dreams… and not knowing what it was all about
Rising like the Phoenix ... straight from the ashes
O' how I want to fly again...
Does not matter how insane it might seem...
Life isn’t only about the-- unbroken, unbent and perfect things
It’s also about what you can imagine
No rules, no shackles holding me back...
Trying hard to join the broken tracks
I will define my means and the ends too...
Otherwise life is such a terrible waste
I am a free soul; unbound, unshackled to the core
The broken lines…
Giving me some hints that no one else could see…
The Holy Grail… hidden somewhere
Telling me that there’s life even after despair
Coaxing me to fly even if my wings aren’t there
Exhilarated after my rendezvous…
Tears of joy flowing… after the reincarnation
Reviving myself to join the broken lines
And then swiftly I ran towards life…

1 comment:

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