Feb 5, 2009

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember?
Those sweet nothings that we shared
Sitting in the dew kissed evenings

The fragrance of the night jasmine
That enticed our minds to wander
Do you still remember?

A cerulean sky full of Hope…
And the spirit’s eternal shore…
Do you still remember? 

#Translated from a poem that I wrote in Assamese language.


karthi ricky said...

nice poem jagat.. wat is meant by cerulean?do u really love anyone?k... i m karthi..new to this blogging world.visit my blogs

Dan Mihaliak said...

Very nice poem. I enjoyed it!

mahesh said...

love have no bar.....good!!!

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moresecretwhispers said...

how was your valentines day with your loved one(?)
this is a nice little poem

sterndal said...

that's a very sweet poem :)

perfect for a post valentine gift lol


Akshay said...

its almost a magical quality that simple words strung together manage to convey what a thousand verbose sentences cannot. Beautifully written

longge said...
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