Mar 9, 2009

Sweet Dream Shillong

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Mysterious evenings
and the distant strumming of the guitar.
People huddled together over glowing embers
the freshness in the dew soaked air
filling up my heart's innards.
The tall snow covered pine trees
and Jesus looking intently from the church
Children in bright woolens
and young lovers and their sweet nothings.
The intoxicated nowhere man lying in the dark, wet street
Oblivious to the slow life around
And the Kongs with blood red lips chewing kwai
the taxis crammed with comrades
ferrying them to never never land.
The abode of the clouds it’s called
and its crowning glory being Shi-llong.
The long winding roads
and the breathtaking view from Shillong peak.
The sails of the leisurely boats
In the silent waters of the lake Umiam.
The Scottish cottages in its wooden antiquity  
Remnants of the bygone days.
The beautiful damsels in Police Bazaar
dressed up for life’s carnival
their laughter fills the air...
and many a young hearts flutter.
Lazy Sunday morning
Sunbeam piercing through the clouds
cheerful birds and their fanciful flights
in the blue blue sky.
Beatles and ABBA joining hands with Dylan
music wafting from the antique radio in the porch.
People dressed and queuing up
to sing paeans to the Lord.
Old gents in tartan coats
with their smoking pipes akin to Sherlock
wrinkled, wizened and the signs of a good, relaxed life
ol' world charm and heart full of memories to hold onto.
The young widow with two tiny tots
Deserted by the guy whose promises meant so much once.
Bitter sweet is life's song
the crescendo intertwined with the low tunes.
Shillong gives so much to you
but it takes back some part of you too
some part of your heart…  will forever belong
and roam around in the winding lanes of Shillong.
Shillong- mysterious, mesmerizing, enticing and a cloud capped dream.


Kwai= betel nut in Khasi language
Kong=Sister (mostly used as a dignified salutation for any unacquainted lady)
My tribute to the beautiful hill-station called Shillong (Capital of Meghalaya) where I’ve spent some of the best years of my life. Have tried to narrate some of the most enduring images of Shillong that I still hold close to my heart...


Hriday said...

Nice one man! Very picturesque. And your photography too is coming along nice. Why don't you join (or are you already on)Flickr??

Getfriends said...

Hi !

Nice picture there is many more flower which had gifted by nature god.Its wonderful article



Myraine said...

You sure has a lot of interesting posts round here! Keep on blogging!

Anonymous said...

jjs; gorgeous photograph as usual :)
your narrative, makes this place sound lovely

Jagat Jyoti Saikia said...

Thanks Chloe... coming from you I would be tempted to accept that as a compliment!!

Thanks and God bless!!

Anonymous said...

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